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ENSPEC uses the PiCUS electronic caliper to measure tree trunk and branch diameters and to accurately map the exact shape of the area being measured. It is designed to operate with the PiCUS Sonic Tomograph and the Electrical Impedance Tomograph to give rapid, highly accurate measurements via Bluetooth to the PiCUS professional range of software. The PiCUS caliper is especially useful when the trunk shape is irregular and difficult to accurately measure using traditional tools or techniques.

ENSPEC Electronic and Manual Callipers

The caliper is quick and easy to use in the field and the experienced ENSPEC operator simply opens the caliper and positions the tips of the two arms on either side of the trunk. If the trunk is irregularly shaped, the caliper arms are repositioned a number of times to obtain an accurate trunk diameter and map of the trunk shape.

In many cases trees that ENSPEC is requested to investigate are too large for the Electronic calipers. To accommodate Australia’s large trees ENSPEC has had manual calipers engineered that can measure diameters up to 4000mm. When using the manual calipers, the measurements are manually recorded and entered into the PiCUS computer program to create the exact shape of the tree at the measurement point.

By using these calipers ENSPEC is able to provide the client with highly accurate data regarding trunk diameter and shape. Due to its ease and speed of use the caliper is extremely cost effective, saving the client time and money.

ENSPEC Electronic and Manual Callipers ENSPEC Electronic and Manual Callipers

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