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ENSPEC uses a people counter to record the number of people passing a specific point, and the time and date they passed, so that accurate information can be collected on the frequency of use of an area by pedestrians.

People counters are small infra-red instruments housed in weather-proof bollards that are strategically installed along tracks, walkways and open space areas. The system is robust, safe and blends into the surroundings.

ENSPEC People Counters ENSPEC People Counters
With increasing concerns of risk management, facility managers need accurate information on how people use and access their resources. When managing the risks associated with people using parks, reserves, public toilets, walking tracks, pathways and nature tracks, information on how and when people use these resources can be a valuable guide to planning strategies that optimise time and costs.

A fully trained and experienced ENSPEC staff member installs the bollards containing the people counters along the designated tracks, walkways or open space areas. An infra-red beam is emitted and when the beam is interrupted by a passing pedestrian a count record is created and stored in the instrument’s memory. After a set period of monitoring the data is downloaded and the records collated by ENSPEC staff.


ENSPEC uses people counters to provide clients with accurate information on the frequency of use of an area so that how patrons access and use the facility and how often they use it can be clearly established and understood.  The information can provide valuable data for the risk management of facilities and resources to ensure the area is a safe environment for patrons. The information is also useful for managers as a guide when implementing changes in layout or infrastructure design in parks, nature walks and paths.

ENSPEC believes that data obtained from people counters can be used by managers to optimise patron usage and enjoyment of their facilities.

ENSPEC People Counters ENSPEC People Counters

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