Investigation and Analysis

ENSPEC provides a range of soil testing services to measure the soils and sub-surface environment around tree roots and under roadways and pavements. Using a range of soil measuring instruments and technology, the soil can be kept in an optimum growing environment to ensure that conditions meet the needs of the client and the trees.

ENSPEC provides the following Rhizosphere services

ENSPEC Rhizophere
  • Electronic penetrometer – Resistance soil compaction
  • Undisturbed core sampler – Bulk density soil compaction
  • Dutch Soil Auger – Soil profiling
  • Soil Moisture meter - Soil Moisture Testing
  • Infiltrometer – Water infiltration rate into the soil
  • Electrical conductivity – Soil water quality
  • Soil Acidity – pH levels

Often soil needs to be compacted for roadways or paths, yet must be de-compacted around tree roots to maintain good growing conditions. The optimum soil and sub-surface conditions can be monitored with the correct instruments to provide a sound understanding of soil moisture and water movement on site. ENSPEC Rhizophere

Problems of soil moisture and drought, irrigation, drainage and water logging can affect trees and roots, and ENSPEC’s soil testing instruments and analysing services can help in the successful management of these problems.

Soils can be tested with a variety of instruments to check if the sub-surface conditions are at optimum or suboptimum levels.



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