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Soil profiling

Also commonly known as the Edelman auger, this is designed for taking undisturbed soil samples and profiles from a variety of soil types and conditions. Separate attachments specifically suited to particular soils are available.  The auger is made from stainless steel so that it does not contaminate or interfere with the soil sample tests. The auger tip drills into the ground as the handle is turned in a clockwise rotation.

Soil is forced into and retained in the auger to be brought to the surface and emptied; the auger is then carefully replaced into the hole and the process is repeated until the desired depth is reached. Soil augers are simple in design, but considerable skill is required to use them efficiently and safely. The extracted samples can be laid onto a clean surface in order of their extraction to develop a clear profile of the sampled area.

ENSPEC Dutch Soil Auger



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